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The Solution For Bed Bugs & Mold

SilverClear™ is the result of a patented technology developed by a team of researchers, manufacturers and health care professionals with no harmful toxins or chemicals.


Do you have questions about our SilverClear™ products such as, what industries use SilverClear™ or how long has SilverClear™ been around? If so, you have come to the right place. Click on the FAQ button below to get a list of commonly asked questions and see their answers.Take a closer look at why the Healthy Bed System™ is a good choice, by using preventative measures against bed bugs, mold & mildew.

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TLG’s new and luxurious Health Mattress Encasement. This revolutionary encasement offers a new level of protection to both your mattress and your health…


Diane Richard - Trauma Coordinator Burn Program, December 2013

This letter is to inform that the Burn Program of the Montreal Children’s Hospital has been using SilverClear dressing for the past 6 years for all our burn patients with second or third degree burns. We use it to treat all our hospitalized burn patients as well as our patients followed as outpatient. We have very good results with this product and plan to continue to use it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Ron, July 2014

My college resident grandson's room became infected with bedbugs; sprayed it with SilverClear; no more bugs. I enjoy my SilverClear-impregnated bed sheets with the occasional room spray to keep the invisible results of dust mites supposedly living in the areas of use. Being free of asthma and allergies has been accomplished to which I believe SilverClear has been a very significant factor. I highly recommend this product, and, am in no way connected to this company (except to buy the product)

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