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The Solution For Bed Bugs & Mold

SilverClear™ is the result of a patented technology developed by a team of researchers, manufacturers and health care professionals with no harmful toxins or chemicals.


Do you have questions about our SilverClear™ products such as, what industries use SilverClear™ or how long has SilverClear™ been around? If so, you have come to the right place. Click on the FAQ button below to get a list of commonly asked questions and see their answers.Take a closer look at why the Healthy Bed System™ is a good choice, by using preventative measures against bed bugs, mold & mildew.

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frequent asked questions for bed bug spray

Featured Products

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SilverClear™ Spray

SilverClear™ spray is a safe and effective way to help freshen your home while helping to eliminate unwanted odours. This SilverClear™ Refresher contains the powerful solution…

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Mattress Encasements

TLG’s new and luxurious Health Mattress Encasement. This revolutionary encasement offers a new level of protection to both your mattress and your health…


Janet Huang - Property Manager, December 2013

Thank you for introducing me to the product Silver Clear. Our member used it to treat bedbugs in her townhouse. The product worked great, she has not seen any sign of bedbugs after the first treatment. And what she really liked about the product was that it was odourless and her child and dog didn’t have the leave the unit during the treatment.

Maxine, August 2015

I've had a BB problem (can't even type the word - ugh!) a couple of times - which has been so upsetting to me. I had the manager of my building bring the people that do the heat treatment a couple of times. After reading about this company I purchased all the linens to protect my bed. So far so good! and I must say the customer service I received was second to none. I highly recommend this company.

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